Open Gov West 2011 has ended

Greg Hansen

Strategy > marketing > research > community relations > citizen engagement > public/private/non-profit partnerships > technology > telecommunications > economic development > education and lifelong learning. Since March 1973, I've advocated Community Education principles and processes. The Community Education philosophy focuses on community development and individual improvement. The key tenets are: 1) citizen involvement, 2) public, private, and non-profit partnerships, 3) assess community needs, identify local resources, and match them, 4) lifelong learning, 5) maximum use of community resources, and 6) develop programs and services for people of all ages. As a Community Educator and process facilitator, I've served numerous communities and organizations over the years. Look forward to learning about new processes, different resources, and best practices for enhancing citizen engagement, especially with opening governmental and educational organizations, to improve communities for all citizens. Enjoy being a catalyst, collaborator, and conduit with other individuals and organizations. It'll be interesting and fun to meet, learn, and collaborate with you.